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Avoid identity theft with paper shredding

Throwing your papers into the garbage or recycling bin can backfire. Reduce landfill waste and avoid identity theft by relying on our secure shredding services.

On site mobile shredding available.

- Tax records that are more than 7 years old

- Customer files and employment records

- Old sales receipts

- Pay stubs, bank statements and credit reports

- Outdated medical records

- Bills that are more than 5 years old

- Legal documents

What items should you shred?

Paper and cardboard can quickly pile up in any home or business. We have a solution for you.


Clear out those old papers by bringing them to us for recycling. You'll love having extra space and reducing landfill waste. We're licensed, insured, and EPA registered.

Don't forget about that other paper


Call to learn about paper shredding.


Trust a family owned business that's been providing professional recycling services since 1915.