Bodow Recycling Inc


1925 Park Street Syracuse, New York

Circle Circle

We buy from everyone

When it comes to paying cash for non-ferrous metals, Bodow Recycling Inc. does not discriminate. We purchase items from everyone.

- Commercial and industrial companies

- Manufacturers and factories

- Tradesmen

- Warehouses

- Auto body and muffler shops

- Window, siding, and demolition contractors

- Plumbers and electricians

We're happy to serve you

You can bring any of your items to our processing facility,

or we'll come pick them up from your commercial or industrial location, saving your time and money! You'll

enjoy our convenient drive-thru and making extra space on your property.


Stop by or contact us today to learn more about our

35,000-square-foot warehouse. We're EPA registered and have state-certified scales.

Get rid of your waste today


Call today to learn about our services.


We provide convenient pickup for industrial and commercial waste.